Tips from the Top

Enjoy these tips shared via Twitter from the top professionals in the field of PR/Ad.

“Never ever BS in interviews. If you don’t know say so. But tell me how you’re going to find out for next time.”

Steven Waddington @wadds

“WATCH the newscasts you’re pitching stories for. Asking me to cover your ‘upcoming conference’ is just weak.”

Dan Ponce @danponceTV

“Research like an academic. Empathize like an artist. Plan like an engineer. Experiment like a scientist.”

David Armano @armano

“Remarkable leaders know there is much to learn, but prioritize one or two focus areas at any time.”

Kevin Elkenberry @KevinElkenberry

“Social media are just the tools, success requires a real-time mindset.”

David Scott @dmscott

“Treat everyone with respect; relationships are important & kindness is underrated.”

Mary Henige @maryhenige

“Careers are no longer linear. Do what you love and don’t think too hard about the future.”

Jane Wilson @CEO_CIPR

“Always pick quality over quantity. Followers and fans are great, but deeper relationships are much more rewarding.”

David Berkowitz @dberkowitz

“Above all maintain a hunger to learn. This will impact everything you do and continually make you better.”

Melissa Waggner @melissawz

“Take economics courses. Get fluent in a foreign language. Write for college newspaper. Engage with friends on social media. Work tail off.”

Richard Edelman @richardwedelman

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