Costello Builders: Resources For Designing A Custom Home

Unsure where to start getting ideas for your custom home? Custom home builders Costello Builders have provided some helpful tips for home owners. If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out my husband’s new blog: Homey Improvements

Take a look at these wonderful homes that they have built over the past few years:

Here are some great magazine, trade association and online resources from Costello Builders to get you started!

Home Design and Architecture Magazines

1. Custom Home

Custom Home deals exclusively with the custom home building and buying process. It is an award-winning magazine for home builders and buyers alike. It has great information and ways to incorporate all of the latest trends into your new home.

Custom Home allows you to filter information by the size, location or type of home you’re looking to build, as well as by room. It also features case studies of award-winning custom home projects to get you inspired.

You can view Custom Home online here.

2. Home & Design

Home & Design Magazine is a great resource for consumers who want to incorporate exquisite design and architecture elements into their homes.

Home & Design has a lot of great insight into the home building process. It displays award winning homes and themed-room inspirations, from natural to lofty, and modern to contemporary. It also features information about a variety of building materials at your disposal for your flooring, paint, roofing, siding, surface materials, tile and windows, making it a great research tool if you’re just getting started.

You can view Home & Design online here.

3. Dwell

Dwell Magazine stands that a modern house is a comfortable one. Dwell believes it’s possible to live in a home with bold architecture, exceptional furniture and great design work, while still being a human being. They don’t believe in the “insanely perfect” homes you see in most home design magazines.

Dwell offers insight into everything about creating a modern new home, including lighting, furniture, building materials, appliances, and technology. It also features room by room suggestions for your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, living room, dining room, office, and outdoor space.

You can view Dwell online here.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

The National Association of Home Builders is a trade association that promotes housing as a national priority. It analyzes housing policy issues, works toward improving the housing financial system and researches and forecasts economic and consumer trends.

The NAHB website offers information for consumers about building, buying and owning a home, types of home construction and housing data.

You can go to the NAHB website here.

Helpful Online Articles

1. How to Buy in New Construction, by Judith A. Stock and Karin Beuerlein,

This article is a great resource for guiding you through the process of buying a newly-constructed home. It features information on weighing pros and cons, researching neighborhoods, looking into amenities and upgrades, getting an inspection and home warranty, and how to ultimately close the deal.

You can view the article here.

2. Custom Home Design: Tips for Designing Your Dream Home,

This article provides six tips to help create the perfect custom house plan. By starting simple, considering the future, maximizing your space, prioritizing features, considering functionality and reflecting on light, you can help us create the perfect house plan for your family.

You can view the article here.

3. Building a Custom Home: How to Make the Decisions,

This article identifies many of the decisions you will have to make regarding your outside finishes, paint/wallpaper colors, light fixtures, flooring materials, and hardware. It also explores your general material and color options for every room of your new home.

You can view the article here.

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