Guide to Google+ for B2B Marketing [Infographic]

While there are thousands of books written about how to promote your company on using social media, when it comes to attracting visitors: the simplicity offered by Google+ cannot be surpassed.

From its launch, Google+ existed as kind of a punchline, its attempt to copy Facebook, and how Google’s attempt to cash in on it proved initially unsuccessful. Google is never one to stop tinkering with its projects though, and since then, the fledgling social network has been steadily growing thanks in part to its integration with other Google services like Gmail, Youtube, and Hangouts.

Now that it’s becoming a necessity to represent your business on Google+, we’re happy to teach you the secrets of what kind of material gets shared and interacted with on Google’s network, and can even tell you what else you need to do to become a true-blooded citizen of Google+.

Check out the infographic below, provided by Whether you’re an established social media pro or a startup owner looking to be ahead of the curve, a Google+ strategy needs to be on your to-do list for 2014

Guest Post by Shane Russo

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