The Power of Facebook Retargeting


Regardless of personal preferences, there is no denying the marketing potential of Facebook, one of the most popular sites on the web. The social media giant offers such a plethora of advertising options, from the sidebar to news feed-infused sponsors, that its targeting benefits apply to most industries. Simply put, there is no reason a business should avoid exploring the marketing opportunities on Facebook.

One of the most common criticisms against Facebook’s role as a marketing tool is that its targeting is weak and ineffective. Some businesses have experienced Facebook marketing campaigns that have failed, largely because advertising was not displayed to the most lucrative and desirable niche for that industry. However, recently Facebook has strengthened the power of Facebook retargeting, resulting in benefits such as the following:

Visitors of a Web Site or Mobile App Can Become Target Demographics

Late last year, Facebook announced their plans to launch a new retargeting tool that allows retailers to display ads to people who used their web site or mobile app, thus increasing the chances they would interact with the ads. Whereas side platforms like Triggit, AdRoll and Turn had previously made Facebook retargeting a key element of their business, Facebook’s recent improved retargeting suggests they have moved on from their traditional FBX ad exchange, despite how that may make some side platforms unhappy.

Custom Audiences and App Personalization

Another new element of Facebook’s retargeting improvement efforts comes in the form of “custom audiences,” a new form of ad targeting that allows marketers to use their own customer data to match Facebook users. That means a business can find clients though Facebook with a phone number or e-mail address; this is a convenient way for businesses to send pre-existing customers an invite to their business’ Facebook page.

In addition, there are plenty of benefits in using mobile ads to deliver to custom audiences. Facebook product marketing manager Scott Shapiro used an example where Nordstrom could use mobile app engagement ads to target people who already have Nordstrom’s mobile app installed on their phones. In this case, they may be shown an ad reflective of their browsing patterns on that app.

User Reminders

Once again using the Nordstrom example, if a user adds a dress to their shopping cart but forgets to check out, both custom audiences an FBX have the ability to remind users of that potential purchase, while linking back to the cart in case they wish to complete that purchase. This is a very effective way for business to finalize sales. This applies to any industry, from online clothing shops to home décor sites like Gate to Garage.

An Ability to Opt Out

Facebook retargeting has plenty of benefits. One of them is that the customer will always have the ability to opt out of targeting, which is a great way to maintain trust. While many users are aware that targeting results in receiving more accurate and personalized ads, some consumers believe it’s not worth the privacy concerns. Facebook’s new retargeting alternative makes it possible for them to opt out based on their own tracking of web site and app visits

Facebook retargeting appears to be on the rise due to improvements and more frequent use. By noting the benefits above, it’s clear to see why businesses should consider using Facebook as a marketing tool. Especially now that a retargeting alternative has been implemented.

 This is a guest post by Carly Fierro.

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