Finding an Inspirational Idea


Almost all aspects of our lives require some sort of inspiration. Whether your job depends on it- drawing a picture, designing something new, writing something fresh- or you need to channel some inspiration in your personal life, we have all been in a rut. Even the most eloquent writers and talented artists have had moments when they simply come up blank. There is no surefire equation to guarantee instant inspiration, but there are a few ways that are sure to provide potential help.

Change of Scenery

Sometimes all we need to do is take a step back and clear our heads. Getting a change of scenery can be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk outside in the fresh air, or taking a weeklong vacation. Maybe you will fall in between the two and commit to a one-day break, spent outdoors, somewhere you’ve never been before, just enjoying the quiet time. CNN recently published an article discussing the vast importance of allowing yourself to take a break. Not only are these “vacations” good for your physical, mental and emotional health, they are one of the best ways to clear your mind to allow an inspirational idea to fill it.

Phone a Friend

You may find it helpful to literally call up your friends and pick their brains. Or simply talking to your friends or family can sometimes help us to relax and clear our minds as well. Other than directly calling people, there are other ways to gather insight from others who may say something simple that sparks inspiration for you.

At our SEO company we are constantly trying to think of creative pieces of content and more often than not our inspiration gauge is on empty. So we make a point to use family and friends as sounding boards to think up bigger and better ideas.

Sweat It Out

As much as some of us probably hate exercise, it is proven one of the best ways to relieve stress and remove tension in all aspects of our lives. WebMD mentions that exercising is one of, if not the best, way to manage stress. Exercise can come in many forms- anything from hiking to taking a bike ride will work. As long as you are sweating, you are releasing endorphins that will help to not only burn calories, but also burn any stress or worries keeping you from your inspirational ideas.

Take a Look Around

Often times, the inspiration we need can be found in simple ways that are already right in front of our eyes. Your next big idea may be hiding in that book on the shelf that you have been meaning to read or the newspapers piling up on your kitchen table. Many people also find peace in music- try listening to either your favorite artist or possibly someone new. CBS News often provides specific songs aimed at providing inspiration.

Similarly, It may be lying somewhere we least expect- like our Facebook newsfeed. Chances are you have many different friends, or opinions, constantly being shared on your social media sites. Go through and browse with more of a purpose next time (rather than simply passing the time) and seek out different topics or opinions that may just spark a great idea.

Everyone needs a little inspirational help sometimes. Often, these brilliant ideas come when we least expect it. Take some time to clear your mind using any of these mentioned tactics or whatever way you know works for you. Before you know it, you will be working on your next big thing.

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