The Power of Purple

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People generally understand that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier for us than red meat and processed foods we normally get from online restaurant ordering. But beyond that, there’s a more detailed version of this story that’s mostly only recognized by nutritionists and people with a lot of interest in health food.

However, getting educated about food can be relatively easy, because the concepts in and of themselves aren’t that difficult to grasp. One example is that we can tell a lot about the health value of a food by its color.

When scientists looked more closely at our collective food pyramid, they realized that Mother Nature built color codes into the natural foods that are best for our health called phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are active substances in fruits and vegies that give it their colors. The thousands of phytonutrients in each plant protect it from pests, radiation, free radicals and disease. That’s why consuming these plants lower your risk for diseases (including cancers and dementia) and increases longevity.

What Purple Foods Offer

Reddish-purple foods are not only nice-looking additions to the dinner plate, they also appear in some of the fruits and vegetables that pack the most powerful punch when it comes to antioxidants and the elements that help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


This powerful flavonoid offers a big punch of vitamin C and E. When consumed, it can protect us from various forms of cancer, diabetes, infections, fibrocycstic and aging diseases, and inflammation.

Below is a list of fruits Anthocyanidin can be found in:

-Hawthorn berries
-Red Cabbage
-Red Wine


This special flavonoid helps maintain skin and blood vessel elasticity. This prevents wrinkles, spider veins and varicose veins. So instead of going to the doctor to get those spider veins removed from the back of your knee just eat pine bark, grape seeds and skins, bilberries and wash it all down with red wine.


Resveratrol is a flavonoid that can help prevent the growth of cancer. It also raises your good cholesterol (HDL), increases your longevity and prevents blood clots. Once again this flavonoid can be found in red wine, purple grape juice, red grape with the seeds. If you aren’t a big fan of eating grape seeds, freeze a bag of grapes that still have their seeds inside and blend them with a little juice and water to make a delicious and light smoothie. Great for the summer’s hot months!

The Big Picture

More than ever, scientists and health organizations are urging people all over the world to eat more fresh produce and unprocessed natural whole foods in order to feel better, live better, and conserve the environment. No matter what your dietary and health goals, understanding the link between physical properties like food pigments of fresh produce and the essential nutrients inside them is an important part of healthy living.


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