From Zero to Blogging Hero: MyBlogU New Site Challenge

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Have you ever wanted to start your own blog? You could create that second source of income and have fun doing it. (Just in time to get some extra money for Christmas, too!)

Perhaps you just never got up the motivation to try. Or you don’t know where to start. If you are like me, it was perfectionism that was holding you back (seriously…3 months to come up with a domain name).

Well, now is the time. Let me tell you why.

Ann Smarty is at it again with another #MBUstorm challenge geared towards helping new blogs get started and make money!

What is MyBlogU?

As a former winner of the first #MBUstorm challenge, I can attest to the benefits of using MyBlogU to build up your site and crowd source ideas. Ann has done a great job creating a community of invested bloggers from all areas of experience.

For those not familiar with MyBlogU, here’s a little about what you can do on MyBlogU:

  • Offer advice and tips to content creators/bloggers (most times your advice will end up in a blog post citing you as the source).
  • Submit brainstorm requests for others to send you their ideas for your project or article.
  • Conduct interviews with thought leaders and experts.
  • Share your content pieces with others who might be interested in sharing it on their site.
  • Get your blog posts edited and help others by editing their articles.

Learn more about how to use MyBlogU here.

MyBlogU New Site Challenge Details

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” ~Karen Lamb

Who: Anyone who wants to start their own site whether you’re a newbie to the web or you already have 20 sites.
When: Enter anytime between September 5-October 5 2015. All numbers must be in by April 5, 2016.
What: This MBUchallenge requires participants to start a brand new site and build it up from scratch with the help of MyBlogU community. Winners will be determined based on monthly traffic numbers, email subscribers, profit made, MyBlogU rank points and judging panel review of your site.
Why: Because who doesn’t want to earn Internet fame and passive income… #AmericanDream Oh, and of course to win the prize! Personal training and coaching from Ann Smarty and her team to help you double your winning numbers! 10 years of free hosting and a free domain from

To learn more and get started on your new site, click here.

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