Is Podcasting Right for Your Business?

PodcastsIt wasn’t that long ago when the idea of businesses having a blog was still a foreign concept. The reason is when blogs first popped up on the Internet, they were exclusively a place for individuals to write about their daily experiences and feelings.

Although plenty of people still have personal blogs, the medium has evolved far beyond this limitation. Blogs are now simply a way for any person, company or organization to publish new content to their audience. And as countless businesses have learned, the level of engagement that blogs offer is great for attracting and retaining new customers.

Since the majority of businesses are now comfortable with blogging, many are looking for additional ways to market themselves online. A common option is to focus on building a strong presence on networks like Twitter and Facebook. While social media can be very effective, it’s more of a distribution option than one for creation.

If you’re looking for another outlet like blogging that can drive results for your business, you should strongly consider podcasting. If you’re skeptical as to how this avenue can work for your business, keep reading to find out!

Why Podcasting?

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, the Internet is no longer limited to desktop and laptop computers. However, even with the mobility offered by those devices, interacting with text content still requires an environment that’s conducive to reading.

One of the biggest advantages of podcasts is people can enjoy them even when they’re not in a situation that allows them to read. For example, if someone is driving for a family vacation, they’re not going to read a blog post while they’re behind the wheel. But they will love having something interesting to listen to while the rest of their family takes a nap.

How to Try Out Podcasting?

While many people assume otherwise, starting a podcast is only slightly more difficult than starting a blog. The main reason people are hesitant to try out this medium is because they think it requires lots of expensive recording equipment.

If you decide that this medium is a great fit for your business, it will be worth investing in higher quality equipment. But to just get started, your laptop already has everything that you need to record.

The main decision you need to make to kick things off is whether you want to focus on providing information or doing interviews. Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with mixing both options. The important thing is choosing a format and then trying it out.

Once you decide, record your podcast, edit it and then upload it through iTunes, don’t forget to pay attention to the feedback you get. This will allow you to see how people respond to what you put out, as well as pick up some helpful tips that you’ll be able to use for producing your next podcast.

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