10 Ingenious Ideas for You to Explore With Marketing on Facebook

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If your business is not yet kickstarting its Facebook Marketing campaign, then you’re probably missing something big. If you already have started your Facebook Page Management, then you probably have more Facebook Marketing ideas to further unravel. Here are ten of the most ingenious ideas that can help you explore your Facebook Marketing campaign to a higher extent.

  1. Know what keeps your audience engaged

It is very important to know what excites your audience. Pay attention to your posts and check on them on a regular basis. Control your Facebook page management well and feel free to test things out. You have to find the right formula which draws your audience even closer. Cater to what they crave for and focus on that. Don’t miss to respond to their comments on your Facebook Page. Make sure that your post receives a healthy range of conversations. You can only get them interacting if you know what excites them.

  1. Use video content

If you’re not seeing the power of video posting on Facebook, then it’s high time for you to promote Facebook page through this approach. This year, videos have been a great hit on Facebook. Just record simple videos and feed your Facebook page with these enticing and captivating videos. Of course, find a way to post videos that are related to your niche to avoid being too off.

  1. Maintain a relaxed and friendly tone

The more you impose a pushy approach when posting, the more people stay away from your Facebook page. People have seen enough advertisements in almost every page they go into. They want something that’s more relaxed and friendlier. Find a way to keep posts and conversations relaxed. This can be best done by asking for opinions, engaging in conversations, and making the audience feel valued. Treat them as your pal, rather than a profit source. This is the healthiest way to promote Facebook page.

  1. Encourage your employees to boost your content

If you’re entrusting your social marketing campaign to your staff, try to empower them to enjoy making things work. Make them understand that the company’s future is on their hands and that they should consider every user engagement as a step closer to attaining their team’s goals. This way, they will make the most out of each post, conversation, and the Facebook page management in general.

  1. Just Stop Writing and Posting Promotional Content

Unlike Google update that brings you instant news on the new platform algorithms, Facebook does not reveal such very publicly. Knowing that Google and Facebook can be somehow interlinked because of the high appearances of social sites in Google’s SERPs, you may take some of its updates on having promotional posts, Promotional status updates are deemed to have lesser distribution range on the platform. Thus, there’s no point in furthering this approach to promote Facebook page. After all, people also will most likely click on your post if they see it as something that’s genuinely engaging and is not entirely about what your company is trying to offer. You may post things like the newest trends in your industry, amusing quotes and images, or simply asking viewers and readers for their feedback.

  1. Freebies and Contests

Users just love contests. This boosts engagement and showcases whatever new product you have

  1. Special Offers for Your Facebook Fans

If you are eyeing on the goal of driving more sales, start something exclusive for your Facebook fans by giving them discounts or free consultation. This attracts more leads and multiplies the chances of conversion.

  1. Embrace Visual Content

Statistics shows that fans are fond of visual content. They respond to it favourably. You can post images of your business, inspiring quotes, or attractive visuals for your blog content.

  1. Getting to Know Your Team

Fans somehow like knowing more about the people behind your organization. Go social and share pictures and stories of your team members. Connection will boost through this and if you have a physical location, they can recognize and embrace your staff better.

  1. Free Downloads or DIY Guides

Posting valuable content is of great importance. Make helpful how-to guides and gain your reader’s trust. This boosts your credibility and adds value to your business. Make sure that your topic is also relevant to each of your readers. You can also add more perks like offering free downloads to win your audience’s heart.


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