How One Brand Is Rocking the Vote on National Voter Registration Day

Doritos Rock the Vote Landing Page Campaign

What’s more painful than watching the Presidential Debate last night? Some of the ridiculous ways brands are trying to capitalize on the event.

However, there is one brand that is doing it right- Doritos.

Surprised? Well, I sure am!! Chips…Politics. Not much connects those two.

How Doritos Bridged the Gap and Created a Brilliant PR Campaign During the Election

Doritos decided to get on the bandwagon to encourage people to register to vote. They aligned their brand with a noble cause instead of just aligning it with the election itself.

They then related their product AND BRAND MESSAGE (about being bold) to making the choice to vote. Doritos created a brilliant Rock the Vote landing page that included a funny video and a chance to send a friend a No Choice Dorito bag to remind them to vote! Brilliant, right?! The bag has no taste, no crunch, oh and no chips in it “because if you don‚Äôt vote, someone else chooses for you” as the Dorito landing page quips.

As you scroll down the page, you can then click your state to get started in registering to vote.

Now that’s what I call a campaign!! Oh, and don’t forget to register to vote!

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