Getting Those Creative Juices Flowing


Please welcome, Deborah Anderson from Social Web Cafe who will be sharing tips for writers on how to get those creative juices flowing!

Ok, we all get stuck, right?  I’m referring to writing and writer’s block.  Maybe you don’t want to admit it and maybe you don’t want to call it “writer’s block,” but I think it is safe to say that as writers, our “flow” may vary a bit.

Similar to that of a stream or river.  It is going to have a little more “potent flow” after a heavy rainstorm than a quiet afternoon in a desert-like atmosphere.

Getting the flow…

Even though we may know it, sometimes the most effective thing we can do is to actually step aside from the writing for a while and do something else.  It is amazing what can come to mind from a breath of fresh air and the smell of a flower.  So, take a walk!  Walking isn’t your thing?  Well, what is?  Whatever it is that causes you to jump with excitement, try that.

Maybe you don’t have time to go out clubbing for the evening (maybe you do!), but at least find something that you enjoy and it will serve two purposes:

  • Give your mind a break from the “stress” of the writing deadline (even if it is a self-imposed deadline).
  • Give your mind an opportunity to see and experience new ideas that could turn into an article, a correlation example, case study, or story.

Get Comfortable

If you are uncomfortable (she says as she re-adjusts the pillow on her favorite chair and pauses to take the prancing Chihuahua out to go potty), then stop and get comfortable!  Look, I went out and bought a second ice-machine this week (after buying a second Keurig coffee machine last month).  Frivolous?  Yeah, it probably was, especially since that is two of each.  But, this I can say.. With my comfy chair, my coffee maker, and my ice machine, I am all set and comfortable in my office.  Well, that and the huge monitor and Bose sound system for ambience.

If you write professionally, you really need to feel comfortable in order for that to come out in your writing.  If that means you have a refrigerator full of sodas (or bottled water) next to your desk, go for it!  Even my pet Chihuahua helps me to feel snuggly (and he gives me ideas for writing, just watching him!).  Add a vase of flowers or your favorite perfume.  Maybe ask your significant other to join you in the office, for company and inspiration.  Or, maybe back to the pet idea ;)

Find Online Inspiration

All of us are different and find inspiration in different ways.  If you are a newsy sort of person than maybe watching the news on television or reading it online can help you to come up with ideas.

If you are into gossip and sensational stories, then even spending time on social media sites like Facebook can help you come up with a new idea or two.

As marketers, I find sources of information everywhere!  From bad service at a restaurant (see “I Can Get My Insults for Free, Thank you”) to watching a favorite television show or commercial ad.  Just open your mind and allow those ideas to flow!

As a video producer and host, I cannot watch a show on Netflix without coming away with ideas for future shows (even lighting, marketing ideas, scripts, etc.).

The Most Important Step:  Do It!

Sometimes, I say to myself, “I should write x number of articles tomorrow.”  That turns into “I HAVE TO write x number of articles today (or tomorrow).”  Then, I start thinking, “What if I DON’T write x number of articles…”  Do you see where this is going?  It is actually possible to psyche ourselves out from writing articles.  That is sure to interfere with our flow!

You know what the funny thing is?  I don’t actually have any trouble writing the article, once I sit down to do it.  So, my advice to you is to “Do it!”  And, if you do have trouble?  Don’t sweat it.  Go take a break and do what you love to do.  If you are a writer, it WILL come to you.  I can almost guarantee it ;)


Deborah Anderson (aka Deborah E in music circles) is the host of the Social Web Cafe TV weekly “Marketing Momentum” show on iHeart Radio. She is the new host of Michael Q. Todd’s WebToolsTV. Her marketing endeavors include social strategy coaching, where she has her own unique and innovative approach. She blends her masters in organizational psychology with her community building and social media marketing experience to help her clients to find the path that provides them with the best ROI for their branding efforts. She is currently co-writing a book with Ileane Smith on internet community-building and also was the “rock star” at Internet Marketing Ninjas who formed their successful project management process and methodology, as Director of the Project Management Office.


  1. Deborah Anderson

    Ali - Thank you for publishing my article. And, I love your site design! (oh, no, that sounds like a spam comment.. lol). Seriously, though, I like the improvements you have made. Thank you for the warm welcome :)

    1. Ali Lawrence (Post author)

      I definitely appreciate you sharing your wisdom with my readers! Aww thanks! I’ve been wanting to do a redesign for ages but just never had the time. Glad you like it :)


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