CloudUp: PR-friendly File Sharing


You know the pain: Somebody thinks app X is the “easiest” for sharing files, but when the files are sent and received on the other end, the recipient finds them hard or impossible to open or view. (Possible reasons: He/she doesn’t have an account with app X, or could be using a rare mobile browser, or a truckload of other reasons.)

A solution helpful to PR and small businesses:

Cloudup was created to let anyone securely share anything from a computer or the web to anyone, without barriers to viewing or easy resharing. If you work in PR, it gives you a new way to create fast on-the-fly press kits for reporters or bloggers. Here’s an example of a resource page on Cloudup with 6 files. Here’s an example of a media onesheet I created for two friends and stuck it on Cloudup with one easy drag of a mouse. Notice in this case, it doesn’t have instructions, because it’s just one page.

Here’s their short backstory. Before the creation of Cloudup, there was a classroom app for teachers named LearnBoost, created by the same team. Examining the ways LearnBoost was used, the team was inspired to brainstorm on the ways people currently share digital files; and the possibilities for raising that experience to superb levels of speed and awesomeness for both the person sharing and, more importantly, the person viewing. And there you have it, the genesis of Cloudup.

“Our goal is to remove any and all friction in the sharing process. When you’re collaborating with your team or chatting with friends, we don’t want you to jump through any hoops or click any extra buttons. Just share the link and it’s there.” said Thianh Lu, Founder/CEO of Cloudup.

Sharing images, links, videos, code, documents or files is dead simple and good-looking for both the sharer and the viewer thanks to Cloudup. The files (or “items”, as Cloudup wants them called) you share on Cloudup become an easily accessible, secure and shareable web-based depository. Each grouping of items is called a “stream”. You don’t need to make streams, but they’re unbelievably helpful and necessary if you want to make a simple EPK using Cloudup.

Written By: Alex Yong is a general assignments and events reporter for Small Business Trends and a friend to PR agencies. He reports on announcements from corporations like Facebook, Paychex, IHS, and Acer. In 2015, Alex was named a “must follow” influencer and PR resource in Cision North America’s list of the top 50 Twitter accounts utilizing rich media.

Alex’s “hobby blog” focuses on tech trends. He is also a LinkedIn blogger writing about issues important to PR industry mavens, agencies, solo PR practitioners, event professionals, etc. Alex can be reached on Skype at YHSmanhattan

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